Track six 'Implexa' 2006


David Howard said...

The other day in my office at work, a young man, Jack, who works for me brought in a glass jar containing an insect. He had been to the doctor, and was explaining why he was sick. He showed me the jar, and told me that the insect was found in his bed. The doctor told him that it was a tick. I looked at it and said, "that's no tick that's an Antlion". He said, "what's an Antlion". I explained, then pointed to the computer screen, and said, " that's my brothers blog name". This Antlion he had was the biggest I have ever seen. It was four times the size of an inflated tick,with massive claws.
The above names have been changed to protect the innocent.

diode said...

I like it, a new feeling being able to hear the texture in your music is amazing, but really why an antlion?

antlion said...

Are you sure you're not a Lizard diode?
An antlion builds a hole with steep sides, when an ant wanders by it falls in and is eaten by the antlion waiting at the bottom. See?